Photos and Reunion Key

These are a few of the photos that were taken at the 50th reunion. If you have some to post, please post them on this site and one of the reunion committee adminstrators will have the opportunity to approve them before they are activated. Thanks in advance for allowing us to maintain the quality of the site.

Since the photos have to be stored on our web site in a fairly small size, you can selectively download any of them to your computer and then zoom in on them a little. Simply right click on the one you'd like to inspect more closely, save it to your hard drive and then play with it in your computer's viewer.

When you select "Listen to Music," then you can click on one of the songs to turn on the music. Once started, the songs will play sequentially. You can minimize the music box and still listen to the music while you check out the photos.

Mike Harris
20 Photos  8/31/17
Steve Migden
11 Photos  3/29/13
Rindy Ward Chamberlin
20 Photos  3/13/13
Rosalie Hills Wheatley
2 Photos  2/24/13