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Welcome to the Stranahan High Class Of 1962 web site. This site is intended to help us share the memories of our time together at Stranahan and the changes that have transpired in our personal lives since high school days. Please feel free to help us add content and further the exchange of information.


Ira Place

It's come to our attention that, last year, we lost a classmate

and friend. Ira's wife, Conni, confirmed that he passed away 

in November, 2015. Hopefully, Conni will be able to join us

at the 55th reunion next year. Other details are included in

the following obituary:


In Loving Memory

Ira Lewis Place, Jr., 71, passed away on November 7, 2015
at his home in Ann Arbor. Ira was born in Detroit, Michigan on
March 12, 1944, and was an avid skeet shooter, inventor,
father, and grandpa. He is survived by his wife of 50 years,
Conni, sisters Sharon and Kristen, children Robyn and Ira, III,
grandchildren Corinne, Lucas, Calla, Adam and Conor. He
was predeceased by his parents, Ira Sr. and Lucille, and sister

There will be a Celebration of Life on Sunday, November 15, 2015,
6-9pm, at Karl's Cabin, 6005 Gotfredson Rd., Plymouth, Michigan.
Please call (734) 717-5391 with any questions.

In lieu of flowers, please donate to Project Linus
( or Juvenile Diabetes Research
Foundation (


55th Reunion Update

Now that our 55th Reunion is about 18 months away, the reunion committee has begun the planning process. Here are a few of the initial thoughts that we’re working toward for the 55th:

  • Where—Fort Lauderdale area, since most classmates live within driving distance. Classmates need to be able to come together and enjoy visiting with each other, but it’s not necessary to duplicate the expensive extras that went into the 50threunion. That was a one-of-a-kind reunion that couldn’t be replicated, even if we tried.
  • When—considering August of 2017. After discussing potential conflicts, mid-August seems like the best choice. That way, classmates wouldn’t miss grandchildren’s graduations; “off season” hotel rooms would be less expensive; no one would miss high school, college or professional sporting events; etc.
  • Cost—as low as reasonably possible. Keeping the cost down is important for this one. In order to have a great time, we don’t need to: order any more fancy signs, put center pieces on the tables, have lots of decorations adorning the ceilings, etc. All we need is an attractive, easy-to-get-to location that will help bring back some wonderful memories. So, please log onto the class web site and make sure that we have your current contact information—street address, telephone number(s) and e-mail address.

We hope that everyone will make a special effort to join the festivities. So that we can start to get an estimate of the number of attendees, contact Mike Harris at or (832) 545-9996 with a “Yes,” “No” or “Maybe” plus number of attendees.

Your reunion committee:

  • Rosalie Hills Wheatley (chairperson)
  • David Albury
  • Florence DeFroscia Andre
  • Rindy Ward Chamberlin
  • Sharon Rupp Fay
  • Mike Harris
  • Beth Saultz Longo
  • Malcolm Roberts
  • Nancy Humphries Werder
  • Terry Pilcher Weiss
  • Linda Lee Zanky Granger and
  • Brad Woodward

Please help us locate the missing classmates listed below:


Hubert Allen

Amalia A. Apruzzese

Gary R. Baker

Charles R. Bear

Madolyn B. Bird

Sharon A. Boyett

Thomas M. Brown

William J. Brown

Patricia L. Cannon

Peter L. Carleton

Deidre C. Clemons

Laverne A. Cook

Sandra Y. Cook

Linda L. Courtright

Judith A. Cziraky

Chauncey S. Davis

Richard A. Davis

Bob DeCarlo

Michael DeMaggio

Evelyn E. Efird

Arthur Eisman

Sam Empfield

Sylvia J. Fears

Dawn E. Fettweiss

Lenore Fishman

Scott Flanders

Campbell Drew Flynn

Diane A. Fuller

Arthur F. Giordano

Milo S. Goodale

Derral B. Gordon

James R. Gray

Linda C. Gregory

Joyce Grogan

Susan Haas

Beverly Haist

Sandra D. Hamilton

Suzanne L. Hamilton

Sharon V. Hardesty

Cathy Anne Harris

William J. Heber

Joanna Hedge

Carol L. Hicks

Betty J. Hoffer

Timothy Holland

Leroy Horner

Carol N. Hughes

Patricia A. Hughes

Viola R. Humanes

Carla J. Ives

Robert L. Johnson

June E. Johnston

Jeanette A. Jones

Cynthia J. Jordan

Charlene Joyce (Justice)

Larry E. Judd

Evelyn E. Kadala

Dennis L. King

Cherie Rose Link

Norman Lipscomb

Dee A. Lowe

Judith A. Lucky

Ethelyne Lumpkin

Virginia Macchio

Jerry E. Manford

Cynthia J. Mann

David E. Mann

Elizabeth J. Martin

Louise E. Mauser

Nathan J. McDowell

Robert McGregor

John P. McGuire

Grace W. McKay

Marie E. Miller

Stella L. Milligan

Patricia J. Mitchell

Sharon Moloney

Marian Mondoro

Jack Myers

Richard Nemesek

Edna Mae Nevers

Genevieve Oden

Jack B. Olsen

Judy L. Pahl

Judith Petenbrink

Douglas Potter

Mary Jo Prosser

Joan K. Pruitt

Stan Reece

James N. Rhodes

Garvin Robinson

Leslie D. Roeder

Genevieve Ronca

William A. Ross

Jack Rowell

Linda M. Roy

Sandra Russell

Lauren K. Rust

Eileen S. Sager

Kathryn Sager

Barbara Schroeder

Jan B. Smith

Judy Smith

Raymond Smith

Diane Spofford

Judith A. Steele

Alvin Steward

Lynda Stone

R. Jeffery Sutter

Carol E. Sutton

Terry L. Taylor

Myron E. Thebeau

Sandra L. Thomas

Janet Lee Troup

Joyce Ann Troup

Kathryn Tuepker

Peter Vallone

David Vancil

Virginia Walker

Jon W. Ward

Peggy Welch

Cynthia C. Wells

Pat Wend (Maxwell)

Carol E. Whittaker

Marion Wichterman

Gail Wilson

Sandy Witherspoon (Black)

James D. Woods

Geraldine Zeno


Final version of 50th Reunion video

Right after the 50th reunion, a bunch of the attendees

purchased a copy of the "post-reunion" video. So, to 

be fair to them, the committee decided to delay posting

it on our web site for about two years. Now, the time

has come and it's been done. Click on the "50th

Reunion Video (final)" tab in the column to the left to

watch the final version of the video. The posted video is

a combination of the one that was actually shown at the

reunion plus some of the candid photos that were taken

during the weekend of the reunion. Enjoy!


One of our classmates, Dennis Lynch, is married to

Lynn Durham from the Class of 1963. For the Class

of '63 50th Reunion last October, Lynn's class prepared

an excellent video that she and Dennis want to share

with our class. Please take a few minutes to view it at h

ttp:// .

You'll be glad that you did. Many thanks to Dennis and Lynn.

As of  July 2016, the members of the reunion committee are:

  • Rosalie Hills Wheatley (chairperson)
  • David Albury
  • Florence DeFroscia Andre
  • Rindy Ward Chamberlin
  • Sharon Rupp Fay
  • Mike Harris
  • Beth Saultz Longo
  • Malcolm Roberts and
  • Nancy Humphries Werder
  • Terry Pilcher Weiss
  • Linda Lee Zanky Granger and
  • Brad Woodward

There are only a few remaining copies of the Updated Reunion

Book and DVD that includes some of the actual 50th Reunion

activities/attendees. When these are gone, there will be no more,

so please don't postpone ordering. Scroll down to the ordering

information at the bottom of this page.

Important note:

Dear Classmates,

In order to ensure that you receive important messages from our class

web site, as well as messages sent directly to you from other Classmates,

it's important you whitelist the email address

(that's a .net, not a .com). What is whitelisting? Whitelisting simply

means you are telling your email program to accept all emails coming

from our class web site and our Classmates. The technique for

whitelisting varies by email program, but generally you will see the term

"Whitelist", "Safe List", or "Safe Sender's List". This is where you want

to be sure you have added the email address

Class Creator, the system that helps us operate our class web site, uses

the address when sending out email messages.

Be assured that all emails sent through our site are valid — you will not

receive spam email. Whitelisting is the single

most important thing you can do to ensure you don't miss anything

happening on our site or miss receiving your emails from your fellow


Stop and take a moment to whitelist right now,

and ensure you stay connected!

Regards, Mike Harris


SHS Class of 1962 Update

February, 2013

Dear Classmates,

The Revised Reunion Book and DVD have been completed

and are in the mail for those that placed an order for the book

and/or DVD. Thank you very much for your patience. We have

ordered some extras for those of you that may still want to purchase

them. The books have current photos of classmates from the reunion

and updated contact information. The DVD is about 30 minutes long

and it includes the slide show from the reunion with 60's photos and

also about 200 new photos that were taken at the reunion.  Ordering

information can be found at the end of this message. Just remember,

when these are gone, there will be no more.

Big News…..we now have a website on the internet that you will be

able to access. The address is .  Mike Harris

is our webmaster. We are very excited about this new way to keep

classmates informed. We can use this website for classmate biographies,

photographs, announcements, etc. You will be able to inform the

webmaster of changes to your contact information. We have signed

up for one year but we hope to keep it going for a long time.  We were

able to cover this expense with the money that we raised from the sale

of the book and DVD. It is free for you to access this website.  Any

donations would be appreciated to help with this website, mailings

to those with no email, or other operational expenses we may encounter. 

We have a bank account set up so that we will also have funds when we

have our next reunion. See the account information below.

We hope that you will look over the "missing list" on the website and help

us locate those that are on this list. If you have any leads about these

people, please contact someone on the committee. A married name,

possible last known address, or relative could be the clue to help us

find them.

We hope that you will take time to sign in on the new website and

watch it develop! If you received a revised reunion book, the website

is also posted on the back cover. You will be receiving an email from

Mike Harris introducing the website.

Best Regards,

Rindy Ward Chamberlin

813 962-7843

Beth Saultz Longo is taking the orders for the book and/or DVD. The

cost is $30 for both or $20 for the book and $15 for the DVD. Mail orders

or donations to Beth Saultz Longo 11185 NW 4th Ct. Coral Springs, FL


Check made to Stranahan HS Class of '62.